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Save On Clean professional cleaning services for home & office in Coquitlam and Metro Vancouver We offer instant online quotes for various cleaning services for your home and business.

For your residential cleaning needs:

Nearly every home gets mold infestations. This mold can be highly toxic. We can eliminate the mold in your bathrooms and kitchen and replace old silicone sealant. Instant quotes for mold removal and silicone replacement available online.

For your commercial cleaning needs:

We can take care of many cleaning tasks for your offices and businesses. We will keep your office clean, safe and sanitary. Our services available when you need them in the mornings or evenings.

Our prices are highly customizable. You can get instant online quote for your home and office needs instantly with no personal information required.

Low rate today, tomorrow, everywhere we are now serving

Save on clean provides home and office cleaning services in Coquitlam and Metro Vancouver. Our service area includes next cities: Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody, Anmore, Belcarra, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver East.

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The house looks beautiful and clean; thank you for doing such an excellent job!
Much appreciated!

Merry Christmas

Deborah B. West Vancouver
December 2014

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How to schedule a cleaning with Save On Clean

By entering a few details on our website you can get instant price for home cleaning, pick the best option and book appointment in seconds. This is a fast and easy with no extra hassles or phone calls. You can get instant quote and book online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. From the Save on Clean home page click on "get a quote" button. Choose the type of cleaning service according to your needs, enter details of your house cleaning.

Once you entered the key pieces of information hit the "calculate" button and our system will automatically provide prices for customized house cleaning. If price fit your budget you can simply choose a date you would like to receive a house cleaning service online. Click on availability calendar and you will be able to see when our cleaners are available for the day/time that works best for you. Once you selected the options that best suits your needs enter address where you need house cleaning service and all information including contact name. After that hit "submit order" button and you will receive all order information instantly on your email address.

Try our quick and simple quoting and ordering system and experience the "save on clean" difference for yourself by estimating your free house cleaning quote. Use our online calculator to get free quote for house cleaning. Book you house cleaning online and join our customer who enjoy our dependable, reliable and professional house cleaning service. You can also call us on (604) 800 - 4066 for a free estimate and to arrange your house cleaning.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal

We strive to become the number one home cleaning service in Coquitlam area. We are knowledgeable and experienced. We understand your needs and problems and we strive to address and satisfy those needs better than any other companies. We know some other house cleaning companies who are using obsolete and inefficient methods that are costing them time, dollars and customers satisfaction.

We are using an online instant quoting and ordering system for customer convenience that helps us to reduce any mistakes with appointments and sends automatically customers information with confirmation and reminders.

For your convenience to shop for the house cleaning service via internet we provide:
- Instant access to our house cleaning online quote 24/7
- Convenience to book house cleaning appointment instantly online anytime 24/7
- Obtaining online information about our company house cleaning appointment availability.

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